Marie Kondo's hot new Netflix series, 'Tidying Up' is resulting in an influx of 'things that no longer give people joy' to Thrift Stores.

Kondo's series, which asks people to hold things to see if they still s"park joy", and also thank their old stuff for their service, is resulting in more people ridding their homes of excess junk.

But as the old saying goes - one man's junk is another man's treasure, which is why this is probably prime time for me to hit the Goodwill stores around town.

Grand Rapids is one of several cities nationwide to report dramatic upticks in donations to Goodwill and other thrift stores.

According to this story in People magazine, Grand Rapids Goodwill stores have seen a 16 percent increase in donations since the show hit the streaming service in January.

Other cities seeing a boost were Houston (22% increase in January), Roanoke, Virginia, (20%), and Washington D.C. (30%).


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