The Detroit Tigers were the biggest underdog in a Major League game since 2005. And they stunned the baseball world with a huge upset over their former teammate, Justin Verlander.

Proving that every (under)dog has its day, the Detroit Tigers, one of the worst teams in Major League baseball, rallied to defeat Verlander and the Houston Astros, one of the best teams in the Major Leagues.

The early betting line on the game figured that the Tigers, being on the road against the hottest pitcher in baseball, had little or no chance to win. The odds for the Tigers made them -600 at game time, meaning that gamblers would have to put 600 dollars down on the Astros to win 100, in other words, the Astros were 1-6 favorites, the biggest odds to win since 2005.

But the Tigers rose to the occasion against their former teammate.

Verlender was red hot, striking out 11 Tigers while rolling through 8 innings of work. But his friend John Hicks, the Tigers catcher, smacked a solo home run in the top of the ninth to give the Tigers a 2-1  lead. But the Tiger miracle wasn't over. When Travis Demerritte failed to reach Robinson Cherinos line drive in right field, it looked like the Astros maight have a rally going. However, center fielder Harold Castro picked up the ball and threw to the relay man, Gordon Beckham, who pegged Cherinos out trying to go to the third to seal the win.

Watch the winning home run, and the exciting play at third below.

Maybe there IS hope for the Tiger's future.


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