So far, it's been the season of the no-hitter in Major League baseball, as the Detroit Tigers' Spencer Turnbull tossed the fifth no-no of the new season.

The 28 year old Turnbull upped his record to 3-2 with the pitching gem, shutting out the Mariners in Seattle in front of a sparse crowd, 5-0.

Turnbull said he felt blah before the game, and his pre-game warmups were not going according to plan, but as the game wore on, Turnbull realized he was doing something special.

"The whole night I was just, I'm not going to be afraid to make any pitches," Turnbull told the Detroit News. "I'm not going to second-guess or doubt or have any fear about anything. I am just going to attack and stay in that mindset.

"If they hit one, they hit one. I just wanted to stay aggressive and I didn't want to beat myself. I wanted them to beat me."

It was Turnbull's 50th big league start, and in just two years ago, in 2019, he led the league in losses with 17. He set personal records in the game for most innings pitched (9) and most pitches thrown in a game with 115.

It was the first no-hitter for a Tigers pitcher in ten years (Jason Verlander had the last one in 2011) and the eighth no-hitter in team history.

It was also the fifth no-hitter thrown in the young season league wide, tying a mark set in 1917.

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