Sure holidays are a wonderful time of joy, cheer and family, but let’s face it, it also causes most of us a great deal of stress. I mean, the shopping, the cooking, the in-laws, there’s no wonder some of us just can’t wait for it all to be over.

A recent study revealed that 70 percent of people feel more stressed as the year reaches its end, and it affects everything from work, to health to happiness. But the coming days don’t necessarily have to be a nightmare. There are some tips you can follow that may help you actually enjoy the holidays, and take the added stress out of your life.

  • Take A Walk – If you’re stressed out, try getting away from it all at least for a little while. Leave your phones and iPads in the house and take a walk alone or with family (at least the ones that don’t make you crazy). Not only does it give you a little exercise, which has been proven to reduce negative thoughts, but it helps you reconnect with nature.


  • Do Some Good – A great way to calm the crazy is to help others.  While you can do big things like volunteer in your community, even a simple move like offering someone your seat on the train, or buying someone a cup of coffee can help you reframe your feelings, and help you forget about the stress you’re dealing with.


  • Cook – While that may sound stressful to some people, focusing on things like a recipe can distract you from the frustrations of the outside world. And sharing the task with others can be a bonding experience.


  • Reflect –  Take a moment to count your blessings, and think about what you are most thankful for. It will do a lot to push out the negative energy you’re feeling and put you on a positive track.


  • Meditation – Loving-Kindness meditation can help you increase positive emotions, and decrease negative ones. It forces you to look beyond yourself, which could put things in perspective.


  • Have a Conversation – Take some time out of your day to sit and have a real conversation with a family member. Sit down for a relaxing cup of coffee with no distractions, no phones, nada. Just a few minutes can ease the stress of the holiday insanity.

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