After years of taunting us with the possibility of a (super) late-coming sequel to Top Gun, it’s actually happening. Tom Cruise is back, which guarantees our butts will be in those seats on opening day, no matter what. But if you thought they were going to go with a basic title like Top Gun 2 for this major movie event, you were sadly mistaken. And if you somehow believed the title wouldn’t honor the most important part of this whole project, you were wrong again.

Access Hollywood spoke with Tom Cruise during the recent junket for The Mummy, where the actor offered a few tidbits about the long-developing Top Gun sequel — notably, he revealed the official title:

Yep, the official title for the sequel is Top Gun: Maverick — which refers, of course, to Cruise’s iconic character from the classic Tony Scott film. Cruise says the sequel will maintain the tone of the first film, and that they’re also using Harold Faltermeyer’s original score, so you can probably expect some hardcore Danger Zone-ing.

We still don’t know if any of Cruise’s Top Gun co-stars are joining him for the sequel (Val Kilmer seems to think he is), which follows old-school fighter pilots forced to adapt to modern drone warfare. Joseph Kosinski, who directed Cruise in Oblivion, will helm Top Gun: Maverick, which is set to begin filming within the next year.

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