It's the catchphrase of the midterm elections, with both sides calling the other extreme, and now a GR humor group is roasting the slogan, and churning out some funny, but true memes.

It Turns Out The "Too Confusing, Too Extreme" Slogan Can Be Applied To Anything

Liberals and Conservatives alike love to call each other "extreme", and now thanks to the Grand Rapids improv group Plant Parenthood, we can find out what things around West Michigan fits that bill.

Plant Parenthood snagged a photo of some Proposal 3 opponents holding a sign that read "Too Confusing, Too Extreme", and they've blanked out the words "Proposal Three", and substituted it with other confusing area stuff to make us laugh a bit over a way too serious election cycle.

It began simply enough with the confusion between I-96, and its interstate companion, I-196. From there, the battle was on to find more funny in the confusion of everyday West Michigan life.

Other Confusing Things: Mountain Dew Baja Blast and the Taco Bell On Michigan

An actual sign was made and placed in someone's yard to enquire of the extreme and confusing nature of the Mountain Dew flavor no one can figure out.

Others took the Plant Parenthood photo and made it their own, asking serious questions, like why can't West Michiganders learn how to zipper merge.

And why is the Wealthy Street traffic circle is even there, and why ordering at Madcap Coffee is so difficult.

There are many more "too extreme" signs posted out there, asking if the Spectrum switch to the name "Corewell" is too confusing and if rotating one lane squeezes on the Ford Freeway are "too extreme".

Grab it, and go have fun with it. Nothing else about politics this year has been fun.

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