It's Super Bowl Weekend! A sports fan Christmas! And it really doesn't even matter who is playing, the party that goes along with the Big Game is the best part. So where is the best place in town to watch the game? This is my list, in some sort of order.

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    Vitales in Comstock Park

    Matt and I had a "business" lunch at Vitales a couple of months ago. Nice place, great food, lots of TV's. Good as place as any to watch the game if you are on the north side! Enjoy!

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    Pizza Hut Eastown

    Mmmmm Pan Pizza. I love the Eastown Hut. It's in my Hood, and it has a cool little vibe. And 5 TV's in about a 600 sq. ft area. Fun place, Great Za!

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    Buffalo Wild Wings

    B Dubs hasn't opened downtown yet, but when it will, the 2 level sports bar will be pretty awesome. So for now, you will have to try one of the chains other Grand Rapids locations. With 75,000 TV's and 800,236 different kinds of wings, the Game will be that much easier to watch. Whoo Hoo!

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    Quaker Steak and Lube

    The Lube. Not just because WFGR is giving away Jumbo Wings from Quaker Steak and Lube should you watch the game there. Not just because the Lube is giving away a Lazy Boy and Wings during the game. Not just because Coop is the second coolest chicken mascot in town (sorry Coop) and certainly not because Cortney from the Lube is the coolest marketing rep for a wing place in town should you watch the game there. No, the reason you should watch the game at QSL...the give you free food for becoming a VIP member.1 Sign up at the link in the title above!

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    You know where the fridge is. You know where the remote is. You like the comfy chair. The sound and lighting can be perfect, and most of all--no one needs to give you a ride home if you have had a few too are already there! If the game sucks, you can watch Family Guy.

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