A good toy provides hours of endless entertainment. But, as we all know from our childhoods, sometimes expectations don't live up to reality.

Here's a rundown of some of the stupidest toys of all time:

* Pogo Ball -- While the idea of a pogo ball may sound good on paper, anyone who owned one as a kid knows it was totally lame in real life. It was tough to bounce on AND just couldn't bounce very high.

* Dancing Hamsters -- No only are these things boring, they're also highly annoying. Life's too short to spend any time watching a little hamster singing "Kung Fu Fighting."

* Oopsie Daisy Doll -- It's a mystery why anyone would want a doll that wets itself. Any parent will tell you that changing diapers is WORK.

* Chia Pet -- Amazingly, unbelievably, Chia Pets have remained on store shelves for almost 20 years.

* Pet Rock -- The grand prize winner here. Will anyone ever invent a toy dumber than ... a rock?

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