The whole SOPA internet privacy issue brought the World Wide Web in the spotlight yet again. So I got to thinking about websites that are local and great for Grand Rapids and West Michigan Info. Addresses' that give great ideas for things to do, and aren't compromising anyone's copyrights or images. So here are the Top 6 Grand Rapids area info websites.

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    If you are into hard hitting local news and entertainment news...Well Recoil might not be exactly for you. But if you want great satire, hot local music reviews and current events with a twist, Recoil is for you! And it also comes in a handy printed edition as well. Enjoy, and check your attitude at the door!
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    Here is the OFFICIAL Grand Rapids website for lodging, food and fun! The marketing arm of the Grand Rapids Visitors and Convention Bureau, this sick and classy website makes it look really, really good to be in GR. And it is! Right? Yes! It is!

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    The Grand Rapids lipdub on You Tube

    How can you not get a sense of pride and a lump in your throat when that helicopter raises up and you see "Experience" spelled out in rocks? Or when you look for one of your favorite radio DJ's in the background behind the cheerleaders? (hey I'm no dummy!) ;) It's Grand Rapids National shining moment in the past 10 years. And the number of people who have watched it online is almost half the population of Michigan. It's as local as local can be!
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    Ya gotta know what's going on, right? News, sports, weather, entertainment, it's all here. Mlive is the internet arm of the Grand Rapids Press. At this minute the site is still all free--but they will be charging for sections later on this year--and reasonable to use. And it ALSO has a handy printed sidekick, so you can take the news to where ever there ISN'T a hotspot. In Downtown, however, the internet is free and easy lots of places. So have laptop or personal device, and surf the news!
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    Here is THE site for events. The calendar pages can go on forever. If you want to know what bar is doing kareoke next Thursday between 10pm and 1am, grnow will have it! You name it, if it is going on in GR, its in Book readings, concerts, sports, grand openings, nature walks, has carved out it's place in GR internet lore.
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    Well of COURSE is number 1! Come on! Grand Rapids home for Classic Hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's! With Bob and Tom and Awesome 80's weekends, we are the best local radio station around! And is your site for keeping up on local events, concerts and everything WFGR! And the airstaff are kinda cool too...;)

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