WZZM-13 reports that over a dozen people called Grandville Police Saturday night reporting a huge 'boom' that 'shook houses'.

Authorities say they don't doubt the callers, but are at a loss as to what caused it.

I have some ideas.The boom was heard by many residents at around 8:30pm Saturday night, confined to an area between 28th Street and 56th Street.

WZZM 13's Nick LaFave said it was loud enough to think someone crashed into his house.

Here is my tongue in cheek look at the top five things it could have been.

  1. Paul Bunyan passing out drunk (again). The legendary lumberman likes to get his drink on, and with it being a Holiday weekend, he probably tried to ride Babe the Blue Ox and fell off. Which means there's a new lake somewhere in the area.
  2. Hudsonville Farting. The town is notoriously lactose intolerant and accidentally had some of its own ice cream, and well, oops! But darn, it was delicious and worth it!
  3. Bros dropping weight at Planet Fitness. Sure, the lunk alarm went off, but 'dude, I got a 550 pound deadlift in!' was heard in the parking lot immediately afterward.
  4. It was a collective jaw hitting the floor.  By out of town motorists being told by their relatives that the giant castle being built off I-196 is going to be apartments. 'Who's going to live in that monstrosity!' said everyone's Grandpa.
  5. Just another semi-truck hitting a pothole on M6. 'I probably should have slowed down a little,' said the truck driver from Fennville, who claimed to not know the road was reduced to rubble three years ago.

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