Yes, it's Festival week in Grand Rapids! Dreams of meat on a stick and bad memories of singing on stage with your high school chorus dance in your heads!

Here's five videos of Festival I found. From Mustard Plug to a parody of Festival from the '80s, they're all beautiful in their own way, and each may touch a nerve, good or bad of Festivals past.

5. NICE LAWN perform at Festival 1983. Come for the punky music, stay for the bad fashions!

4. Grand Rapidians recall their best moments of Festivals past. From bad choral outfits to good eats, if you've ever been to Festival, you'll find something to relate to in this video.

3. A quick 360 tour of Festival 2016. This moves quickly and gives you a good idea of the variety and diversity of Festival.

2. Mustard Plug at Festival 2008. A local staple for years starting back in the mid 90s, GR's favorite ska band is always good to ramp up the energy level.

1. Yes! Grand Rapids! An award winning video from Festival 1986, this spoof of local promotional travel videos starts with a mocking of the Calder statue, video of the weather ball surviving GR's 'only earthquake' and then takes us on a really bad tour of downtown, including a flower patch referred to as 'The Grand Rapids Botanical Gardens'.

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