Another establishment is following Short's Brewings lead to call out rude customers and stand up for their staff.

The Little Fleet in Traverse City, which is an outside bar and food truck area, has also posted to social media saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH when it comes to customers attacking verbally for being asked to wear a mask.  As their Facebook post, which was posted on Sunday reads,

Just like @shortsbrewing and other businesses, our staff has been taking a lot of abuse. We are tired of it. They have been yelled at, threatened, told that they don't need to wear a mask because they are carrying a gun, lied to, bullied, and more. Our team has filed too many incident reports when things like these have happened. Please stop. It’s not fair.

The post also says that Little Fleet has done everything possible to keep both employees and guests safe during the pandemic including "ensuring everyone has a mask on when not in their seat, limiting the number of people that enter the lot to those who have a table, not seating inside tables, and more."  They even talk about how they are sacrificing revenue, to be able to actually be open and safe while many restaurants are even able to do that.

I was there back in June, and it was amazing how in 30 minutes we saw two different people go off on staff about wearing a mask- for the record, both people, a guy and a lady had masks at their seats, they just didn't want to wear them inside the bar area.  If I saw two incidents at the beginning of July, I can't even comprehend just how much abuse staff has taken while just trying to follow rules meant to keep people safe and keep the business open.

You know the verbal abuse is getting too much when places start telling people to stay away if they aren't willing to play by the rules put in place, but no one deserves to be threatened or treated like crap just for doing their job.  As the Little Fleet Facebook post reads,

Behind those masks are still big smiles and honest hardworking people who just care about making your experience as good as possible.


So, if you don’t want to play by our rules and be nice, please do not come. We welcome people who are kind and interested in the well being of others.

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