Brad, the Australian Cattle Dog Mix has been nothing but trouble near his home shelter in Hawaii. Seven times he was adopted, and seven times he was brought back.

Oahu SPCA manager Ashley Webb admits it wasn't that Brad was a bad boy necessarily, it's just that Australian Cattle Dogs need a lot of space as a place to release their boundless energy, something some houses in the Honolulu area don't have.

Enter a couple from Michigan on vacation in Hawaii. They spotted Brad at the shelter and fell instantly in love. The Oahu SPCA posted on their Facebook page:

"She asked if she could spend some time with him and that's all it took, Hannah instantly fell in love with his sweet face! After hearing his story about how he has been with us for over 7 years and has been adopted out and returned a few times, she decided she couldn’t let him live at the shelter any longer."

Hannah (whose last name was not revealed) said she was cool with paying for Brad's way back to the Mitten State, but the Oahu SPCA wanted to give her a gift for adopting Brad, so they set up a GoFundMe page, and raised over $1,600 to pay for Brad's relocation here!

So Brad is on his way to Michigan where he'll have a big yard and be introduced to such doggie joys as snow and big lakes!! This story leaves me feeling a bit misty! Go Brad!!!


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