A mysterious message that appeared on the internet in September on 2016 after being broadcast on a radio station on the East Coast has grown into the so-called "Trump April 26" conspiracy, and the USS Michigan is at the center of the paranoid tale.

The Radio Message

The beginnings of the Trump April 26 conspiracy date back to a message caught on a car radio in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. A radio station broadcasting at 1630 AM has a repeating message of "Trump April 26." This message has alternately been heard as "Trump will go 26."

Interestingly, there is no commercial radio station is licenced to 1630 in the area. However the 1630 frequency in lower Manhattan and adjacent areas of New Jersey broadcasts WQCV630, a "Travelers Information Station" or Highway Advisory radio controlled by the Port Authority of NY/NJ, itself a subject of conspiracy theories based on the agency's development of the World Trade Center.

The Creepy Convergence of April 26

As tensions rise with North Korea, April 26 has become an important date, as that date has been set for a rare meeting of all 100 US Senators at the White House to hear a classified briefing on the status of international relations in Asia.

There is also a terrorism drill expected to be held in Washington, DC on that date.

And two more US Naval vessels are expected to arrive in the Pacific Theater on April 26.

The USS Michigan Connection

One of the US Navy ships that will be in Korea on April 26 is the USS Michigan. the Michigan is a Ohio-class nuclear sub. The submarine is based at Kitsap in Washington State and is often deployed in the Pacific.

The Michigan carries insignia with the word Tuebor, which appears on the state's Great Seal and is Latin for "I will defend," a reference to the state's position on what was then the nation's western frontier.

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[Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Reddit - note NSFW language]

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