Today is both Robert Moog's birthday AND free Slurpee day at 7-11! If you didn't know, Robert Moog invented the electric organ that bares his name. If you go to Google, the "Google" logo has been replaced with a working electric organ that you can play AND record's pretty cool!

Also at your participating 7-11 it's "Free Slurpee Day"! According to "",
"The reason: To promote the launch of 7-Eleven’s Slurpee Lite — a sugar-free Slurpee flavored by Fanta and sweetened with Splenda. 7-Eleven will roll out additional Slurpee flavors each month during the summer. The line-up:

May: Sugar-Free Mango
June: Watermelon Lime
July: Sugar-Free Strawberry Banana; Lemon Creme
August: Sugar-Free Cherry Limeade; Orange Xplosion

Normally 7-Eleven has its traditional Free Slurpee Day to celebrate the company’s birthday on July 11, but this year they are adding today in addition to the regular "Free Slurpee Day" TWO free Slurpee days? Bonus! Today from 11a-7p!


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