Detroit is known for their hot dogs, but it's not just any kind of hot dog, they are known for their Coney Dog.  The Coney Dog has swept the state and now you can get fantastic Coney Dogs all over Michigan, but two hot dog joints stand out more than all of the others in the state.

Flint's Angelo's Coney Island and Detroit's Duly's Place were named among the 21 best hot dog joints in the country by

I bet some people are thinking, "What about those two iconic Coney Shops in downtown Detroit?"  Laffeyette and American Coney Island (two Detroit staples in the Coney game) were mentioned in the article but didn't make the list.

I've been to all 4 of these Michigan Coney hot spots, and personally, I prefer Laffeyette, but the best Coney in Michigan is a hotly debated topic.

What do you think, what's the best hot dog in Michigan?

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