After Wisconsin Football tweeted demands that Michigan hand over the Upper Peninsula following three wins over Michigan schools, the U.P. gave up. Just like that.

I expected more of a fight. But it never came.

After the tweet by UW following Saturday's 38-0 pasting of Michigan State, I was thinking the twitter feed @UpperPeninsula would slap back hard on the puny little student running that feed. But it didn't. It capitulated and is now tweeting as 'The Upper Peninsula of Wisconsin'.

But @UpperPeninsula just gave up. No fight. No bloodshed.

What kind of Yooper backs away from a fight with a Wiskie without at least getting his flannel shirt bloody? I am so disappointed.

It's a crying shame too, because we as Michigan schools have done pretty well lifetime against UW:

All time, Michigan State leads the series with Wisconsin, 30-23.

and Michigan leads their all time series with UW 51-16.

Hey, Wisconsin Football, did we ask for Door County after pasting your ass for 14 straight years between 1965 and 1980? Nope.

And another thing, @UpperPeninsula, you wouldn't be an upper peninsula if you belonged to Wisconsin, you would just be an extension of their dumb state.

So how about this counteroffer, @WisconsinFootball? Beat Ohio State and maybe, just maybe we'll give you Menominee. And Toledo. Ohio doesn't want it anyway.

Now go suck on some cheese!


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