It's not to often our government actually has a good idea that actually helps people who deserve it, but the idea of "hero pay" for essential workers is a great idea.

According to WOOD, United States Senator Gary Peters from Michigan has put forth legislation that would give a raise to those essential workers like those in the health care industry all the way to grocery store employees.

The money that would go to workers would come from the federal government so this would not force owners of businesses to foot the bill.

What is being proposed would give essential workers a $13 and hour boost plus there are even talks of a $25,000 bonus.

Why wouldn't we take of those who put their lives on the line every single day fighting the coronavirus as well as those stocking shelves and making sure we have a safe environment to purchase our essential goods?

I don't care where good ideas come from but I do care that we listen to them and then act on them.

Senator Gary Peters told WILX in Lansing, "we're still working on how you would define an essential worker and I think it's clear those are essential jobs we need in order to keep our survival in place."

Paying essential workers is a great idea that should be acted on but let's not forget about all those who lost their jobs. Let's get more ideas on how to help those who can't pay their rent, house payment or any other bills.

While I'm here I might as well throw one more at you, auto and home insurance companies, health insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies should be heavily scrutinized, investigated and ordered to lower their rates and change their ways so people have a better chance of surviving. These were all a problems before the pandemic, but if nothing is done during about these now, these industries in particular will cripple the United States and make it even tougher if not impossible to recover.


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