Ask anyone who grew up in Union City, and you'll get a great story about 'Dead Man's Hollow' the swampy area of Park Street is just a few blocks from the village's downtown.

The subject of Deadman's Hollow comes up often on social media. Even the village itself gets in on the fun with a Halloween-style video posted a few Octobers ago:

The main gist of the legend is a man who killed his wife and then hung himself in the marshland.

Or does it have to do with men who died digging a failed canal as this UC resident recalled on Facebook:

I heard It was dug out in the 1890s (?) and was supposed to be part of a canal system that was supposed to meet the waters straight from there across Broadway St. to meet the River to form a barge system. I heard people kept dying in that spot at the hollow and they quit.

For many, it's a general feeling of unease when passing through there - likely due to the fact you go from a small town neighborhood instantly into some deep woods

This brings back memories of catching snakes, sledding through the trees, skating on the ice, digging through the old dump for treasures, climbing on the trees, and walking to school on spooky windy days.

Had to walk through there at night when I delivered the Shoppers Guide. Made good time going through there!

The 4th of July Horse Rescue from Dead Man's Hollow

An incredible, not based on an urban legend, story about Dead Man's Hollow occurred over the Independence Day holiday of 2021. A horse pulling an Amish buggy through the hollow was spooked due to fireworks and broke free and got stuck in the muck up to its neck. Heroic efforts from the Union City police and fire saved the animal. Watch the incredible video here:

While the Dead Man's Hollow name conjures up lots of memories and stories for anyone who grew up in Union City, perhaps this last video we'll share available at this link of frogs in the hollow making their first calls of spring, is the best and a reminder of what the area truly is, a deep woods oasis in a great small Michigan town.

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