Got cardboard boxes piling up from pet product deliveries? A local pet supply store is offering to shred them at no charge and it will benefit rescue animals in West Michigan.

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Fox 17 reports that Chow Hound Pet Supplies is asking pet parents to bring their pet-related delivery boxes from out-of-town retailers like Chewy and Amazon to any Chow Hound location.

They'll shred them for free in their "Shredding for a Good Cause” campaign and donate the material to Harbor Humane Society for bedding materials for rescue animals.

According to a release,

Cardboard shavings provide a healthy and dust-free bedding for pets. They are highly odor absorbent and provide a non-toxic eco-conscious lining.

Every year, an estimated 850 million tons of cardboard is thrown away in the United States, which is equivalent to roughly 1.4 million trees. Cardboard that ends up in a landfill produces methane and carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

Jen Self-Aulgur, Executive Director of Harbor Humane Society tells Fox 17,

Chow Hound Pet Supplies has been an incredible partner to Harbor Humane over the years, and we are so thrilled to be partnering together on this campaign. We strongly believe in the 3 R’s of recycling, reducing, and reusing. We applaud Chow Hound for this effort and our small animals look forward to taking full advantage of the recycled bedding.

"Shredding for a Good Cause" runs through the end of January.

Aside from clearing out boxes from your house and helping animals in need, there's another perk: If you bring in a box to be recycled, you'll get a coupon for free home delivery from Chow Hound. You can find the Chow Hound closest to you here.

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