As gaming continues to grow, with people now doing it professionally, it might become an actual sport that students in Michigan could sign up for.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) is toying around with the idea of making video gaming a varsity sport at high schools across the state. MHSAA's Executive Director told Fox 2 Detroit that's important to include video gaming in that conversation because the sport has already been brought to several colleges in Michigan.

Obviously, the biggest critique would be that it would make students lazy and less active. However, some of the members on the association believe that it could promote the opposite because this is a way to "engage with kids" who are already into gaming. This in turn could get them more involved in other school activities.

A minimum of 64 schools must back the idea in order for it to pass and become a sport. If so, the video games offered would be team-based (sports - Madden, etc) rather than violent.

Do you consider video gaming a sport?

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