As the old adage says, 'Ask and ye shall receive,' and in this case, it was beer.

While golfing last week, Trevor Harwood did what a lot of people do, he checked his phone, and there was an interesting message.

Someone in Utah had deposited $3500 into Trevor's Venmo account. He didn't know who it was, or why they would do that.

It turns out it was a man named Isaac Nowak, who had just agreed to pay another guy, also named Trevor Harwood $3500 for a camper. Isaac hit the wrong button on his smartphone when transferring the cash, and it went to Ionia's Trevor instead.

No big deal, really. Isaac contacted Ionia's Harwood and explained the mistake. Harwood knew immediately what the right thing to do was, but he asked a simple question to Nowak, 'can you buy me a case of beer for my troubles?'

'Sure', said Nowak. So Harwood returned all but $20 back to its rightful owner.

And bought a case of Budweiser.

WZZM-13's Brent Ashcroft has the details.


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