This kid isn't quite ready for show business.

We think you'll enjoy this video of a dad moving his daughter's lips while he talks so that it appears as if the tot is a ventriloquist's dummy. What parent wouldn't be proud pretending his or her kid is a piece of wood with a mobile mouth?

The dad doesn't even have to do any of the talking because the baby's face says it all. And by "all" we mean, "Where am I and what's going on?"

Babies are adorable, perhaps never more so that when they're the centerpiece of a ventriloquist's set. And who knows, maybe the dad here can find some practical uses for the little one around the house. A baby as a doorstop? Considering babies can't really move that'd be a good start. Laundry still a little wet? Just drape it over her 'til it dries off. Need a place to hold your umbrella? Just configure the kid's arms in a circle and -- voila! -- you're all set.

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