God help us. We're not even close to having the novel CoVid 19 virus at our door step, and we're already hoarding Purell.

The Purell display at the Knapp Corners Meijer went from full to empty pretty quickly this weekend, leaving me wondering if other stores were getting hit hard. My fears have been confirmed.

CTFO Knapp Corner Meijer Patrons from r/grandrapids

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that panic buying has left several products sold out across the state. Particularly hard hit were the toilet paper and bottled water sectors.

A recent poll by Data, reported by Business Insider, revealed that out of 1051 adults surveyed, 22% say they were stockpiling supplies.

You would think they would leave enough so we all could have some if need be, but NO, they're keeping it all for themselves!

Fortunately, it's not all bad news, the Freep says Kroger and Meijer, the state's two biggest chain stores are not running low on toilet paper and water, but Meijer did admit they have had a run on the aforementioned Purell.

But it's this little note on the Free press report that I take heart in, and it's really good advice:

Grosse Pointe Woods nurse Courtney Paquette said she’s doing “absolutely nothing” and blames the media for what she believes is “causing fear and panic” over the coronavirus.

“Corona is not a new virus, it’s just a new strain that the media has decided to blow up,” said Paquette, who believes people are needlessly panicking.  “Look at this —the grocery stores are running out of food like it’s Y2K or something.”

On Facebook, Paquette suggested that if people want to guard against bacteria or viruses, they should forgo stockpiling on goods and do the following instead:

  • Wash your hands after using the restroom and before eating, and when you get home from school/work.

  • STOP EATING CRAP — eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  • Get outside, even when its cold, for fresh air and movement

  •  Drink W.A.T.E.R.!!!

  • Get SLEEP

Those last four things will help you last far longer than a bottle of Purell. But no one ever thinks like that. Thank you, Courtney!





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