The boy fired the warning shot to get the clerk to take him seriously.

The Clerk Didn't Think He Was Serious

The incident occurred last week in Hartford, which is about 40 minutes west of Kalamazoo along I-94.

The boy approached the clerk wielding a handgun, and when she asked if he was serious, the young man fired a round into the ceiling to show he was indeed very serious. The clerk, alertly handed over a bag of cash without incident, while the boy realized his gun had jammed and began to try and free a round from the chamber.

In the background a startled customer recoils, probably wondering why he decided to stop in for a Hostess cherry pie.

Boy Was Arrested Just Three Blocks Away, Faces Multiple Charges

The  youth was arrested not long afterward. Hartford Police say the boy stole the handgun from his grandfather's safe. When asked why he robbed the store, he said he didn't know and admitted he really didn't need the money.

The boy, who was not identified due to the face that he is a minor, is currently being held in the Allegan County Juvenile Center. He faces six counts in Van Buren County Family Court.

The clerk, identified only as "Jessica", told WWMT News that she did not believe the boy was serious until the gun shot.

WOOD TV via YouTube
WOOD TV via YouTube

"He Sounded Way Too Calm"

"He sounded way too calm. I seriously thought it was a prank until I heard the gun go off," she said, admitting that she had empathy for the young man. "Part of me wanted to hold the kid because he has so many problems, then it's hard to feel bad when he did something like this."

Hartford Police said Jessica did the right thing in handing over the money.

"I always thought if I were robbed I'm giving them the money, no amount of money is worth my life," she told WWMT.

The incident occurred at the Marathon Gas station on Main Street in Hartford.

Google Maps
Google Maps

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