It's the throwdown of the suburbs!  Vote for the best or your favorite city in our listening area!

We randomly chose cities from around Grand Rapids to compete in the Battle of the Burbs!  (So, sorry if your city wasn't in the competition, it's nothing against you.)  For the remainder of the NCAA Tournament, we will be having you vote to see which city is the best in our listening area.

Below you will find the bracket for Battle of the Burbs!

Vote for the city you like more in each matchup!

The Battle of the Burbs starts on March 28th and will last through April 7th.  You can find the dates to vote in each round below.

Round 1 (Sweet 16)
Voting Dates: March 28 - 29

Round 2 (Elite 8)
Voting Dates: March 30 - 31

Round 3 (Final Four)
Voting Dates: April 4 - 5

Round 4 (Finals)
Voting Dates: April 6 - 8

Winner Announced April 9

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