If you like to shoot your gun at the Rogue River State Game Area, you will have to find a new location because that shooting range has now been banned.

For hunters looking to site in their guns or gun enthusiast who like to shoot off some rounds for target practice, shooting ranges are hard to come by where you don't have to pay and now the one in Rogue River State Game Area is now not an option.

According to WOOD, people have trashed the shooting area with empty shell casings, homemade targets and piles of trash. Target shooter, James Williams, who has been shooting at Rogue River for more than a decade said, "people show up to shoot, and they just leave what they shot up. We took a week once and cleaned the place up. A week later, it was just as bad."

I don't understand people leaving their trash behind, because when I target shoot, I grab every shell casing, any shell boxes and my targets so I leave the area how I found it. I often pick up after others as well. These designated shooting areas from the state are a privilege not a license to dump all your shooting waste.

Others stated that sometimes there are too many people there shooting and it gets a bit crazy and unsafe for other shooters.

Target shooting actually has always been banned at the location all along and still people come and shoot and just keep the place a mess. The DNR will post signs and people just shoot them down.

WOOD reported that May 13, the DNR Director Daniel Eichinger signed a Land Use Order banning all target shooting at Rogue River State Game Area and the western portion of the Muskegon State Game Area.

A lot of people use the area for mushroom hunting, hiking and hunting and with people not shooting safely at a berm the possibility for stray bullets is just too dangerous for those using the game area properly. Plus who wants to be sitting in a tree stand to some people start target shooting a ruining your hunt.

Originally the area was used by hunters to sight in their guns for hunting. Now groves of people just go out there and shoot the place up, leaving all their trash behind and it is just a mess and unsafe.

Many people have complained to authorities about stray bullets, some even flying over their heads and random shooting makes people feel unsafe.

Another problem is non-hunters are bringing TVs, propane tanks and other items to shoot at and blow up, then just leave the remains behind.

There are still more than 20 shooting ranges that are within 30 miles of both the Rogue River and Muskegon State Game areas so no one will not have a place to shoot. They will just have to drive a little farther and you may have to pay a fee.

The DNR will be posting both of the areas and if you violate the ban, lookout because you will be ticketed and there will be court fees.

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