With all the warm weather we have had for so many consecutive days, the water in the region has been the warmest it has been in years.

I truly cannot remember a Michigan summer that has had so many warm days back to back. I remember so really rainy summers and so weeks of scorching hot weather but never consistent 80 and 90 degree weather.

It has been a blessing having all this nice weather, especially with a young son that loves to swim.

I have actually swam more this year than I have in many years and one thing I have noticed is that the water is really warm.

I'm sure folks heading out to Lake Michigan are loving it because we all know how cold it can be, especially the further north you travel along the lake shore.

To cool down some days, my son and I have had to start swimming in some deeper water. The water in the shallows feels too much like bath water.

Oh no, I am not complaining at all but do want to remind people the water can be dangerous so just be careful especially in Lake Michigan. If you have to go out a little further to get to some cooler water, don't forget, we still get riptides and even those can be a problem for the best of swimmers.

I mentioned getting into deeper water to cool off, my son and I put on our life jackets to just float in some deeper water. We found it a great way to test our life jackets out, while cooling down. It was actually something we did last summer for the first time but recently did again.

We were out of the line of fire of other boats on Hardy Pond and in most places, the drop off is pretty much drop off. It is really relaxing just floating there submersed into the water while wearing a life vest. You may want to try it some time and if you have some smaller kids with you, they too can enjoy the cooler water to truly cool off from the summer heat.

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