At the worst, there were almost 200,000 people without power in West Michigan but as those numbers decrease, WOODTV reports that area warming centers are beginning to consolidate and close.

WOODTV says the Walker Fire Station closed as a warming station Saturday evening as did the warming center at Rockford Middle School.  Those staying at the Rockford location were moved to the Cedar Springs warming shelter which was set up at the City Impact Center.  Although since pets weren’t allowed, I’m sure a couple people were sent back home early.

The two shelters set up at at the two high schools in Grand Rapids – Union High and Ottawa Hills – will stay open until they are no longer needed.  And if you are headed there and have pets, the Kent County Animal Shelter will provide boarding until you can get another place for your pets, according to WOODTV.

The number is WAY down on customers still without power and Consumers continues to work on it.  Check out their outage map HERE 


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