If you thought the Tide Pod Challenge was idiotic, wait until you hear what teens are now doing.

It’s called the 48-Hour Missing Challenge and it’s exactly what you think - kids are challenging each other to go missing for 48-hours.  Not just hide out at home and deactivate social media, no, they mean seriously go hide and scare your family.

WREG.com posted the story and said this challenge is actually getting the police involved and they’re dedicating man hours to actually trying to find the kids that are just hiding.

Officer Simon Drobik, Albuquerque Police Department spokesman, which WREG.com talked to about the story said,

“Whether it’s a prank or not, we are going to use the same amount of resources.”


In the article, a psychologist said it usually takes until your mid-twenties until you know how to make “good decisions” so they say even if your kids are great, still make sure they know how stupid this latest challenge is.


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