I was fortunate enough to be at Saturday's Michigan-Ohio State game, and the resulting mob scene on the field was a release of years of frustration. Here's some video and a photo gallery of the big win.

At the outset of Saturday's game, a DJ named Skee was set up in front of the student section and was playing Electronic Dance Music during the long commercial breaks that live audiences have to endure.

At first, I have to admit, I was annoyed by the guy, but by the middle of the first quarter, it became clear that Skee was keeping the energy in the stadium up when the long delays could have killed the energy.

By the time the clock ticked down ending an eight-game losing skid to the Buckeyes, the place exploded into a frenzied party atmosphere as the field flooded with students greeting their football heroes.

For the next half hour, as the stadium announcer attempted to clear the field in vain, it was a lovefest between M fans and players, long denied their right to PAAARRRTTYYYY!!!

I wish I could describe the magical atmosphere, and this video doesn't do it near as much justice, but here's a look inside the Big House during the post-game celebration from my seats high in section 18.

And if you missed this heartwarming exchange between Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh and Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard, here you go...I love seeing someone share the joy at another's accomplishment. It makes me tear up a little.

And while we're up on Twitter let's ask Ohio State coach Ryan Day a question...

That emphatic "NO!", by the way, came from a video where players and coaches from OSU and UM were asked to say something nice about the other school. Ryan, like a jerk, refused.

And lastly, here's a video of Mike Tirico from Sunday Night Football, noting that both Jim Harbaugh and his brother John beat Ohio teams over the weekend.

Michigan Breaks Nine Year Skid, Beats Ohio State

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