A national golf show hit up Grand Rapids recently, highlighting the courses at Diamond Springs, Pilgrim's Run and The Mines.

The touring golfers from the YouTube golf show No Laying Up's Tourist Sauce segment, where the series four golfers go try out courses around the country.

Tourist Sauce has been featuring Michigan in their latest series of programs' including a stop here in West Michigan to highlight several courses.

The show  features golf course writer Andy Johnson from the Fried Egg as the group's 'Sherpa'. a web site devoted to reviewing the best golf courses in the world.

The group visits a trio of local golf courses, all designed by architect Mike DeVries, starting with The Mines, on the west side off of O'Brien, where manger Chris Sobieck describes Grand Rapids as "awesome, a big little city that has everything you could possibly want".

The stars of the show, Tron Carter, DJ Pie, Big Randy and Young Neil also visit Pilgrim's Run near Howard City, and Diamond Springs Golf Club, which they call 'a hidden gem', located just east of Hamilton off 36th Avenue.

The guys are also seen hitting spots around town like the Tin Can and DeHops Brewing Company in Walker.

But mostly, the four delve deeply into the golfing challenges each course presents, which I will admit, not being a golfer, was over my head.

But this much I do know: the show is very well produced and it sure seems like the guys know what they're talking about when it comes to golf. If you haven't played these courses yet, it looks like you'll get an expert take on how to play certain holes. An if you have played them, maybe you'll learn some new tricks.

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