A Grand Rapids Reddit user captured the fireworks over Grand Rapids on July 3. His unique perspective was from a drone.

Definitely Not Chubba commented,

"I saw a couple drones flying around and hoped someone would post their video. Cool to see some of the footage."

FrenchyRevolution said,

"Great shots! Thanks!!!"

EthanFishing19 weighed in,

"This is really cool to watch"

Holiday_Try_9875 typed,

"It was a scary night"

A few commenters were concerned that the original poster wasn't following proper drone laws. The original poster replied with,

"I've never been able to capture fireworks like this. I've had a drone in the past but the regulations for recreational flying at night weren't super clear so I just didn't fly at night. Then, it just became legal to fly at night if you are certified by the FAA. I just have a super bright anti-collision strobe on the drone to be able to fly legally."

Organizers for Saturday's downtown Grand Rapids fireworks display expected large crowds and they were not disappointed. Crowds were estimated at around 50,000. The display began at 10:30 p.m. and lasted about 25 minutes, with an estimated 22,000 firework shells exploding in array of colors and patterns.

This year’s downtown Grand Rapids event was the first large-scale gathering held within the city since Michigan lifted all coronavirus restrictions in June. Maureen Dorough, a Grand Rapids resident told Fox 17 of the fireworks,

"It just makes me feel alive again. It feels so good. We moved here a year and a half ago and my husband retired. The idea was move downtown and enjoy all the festivities, so we moved down here, he retires, [then] COVID hits. We’ve been waiting for this."


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