Flashing lasers at airline pilots is bad enough, but when you flash a police helicopter, you might be an idiot.

Michigan State Police's 'Trooper 2' Chopper Was Flashed Friday Night

The Trooper Two helicopter was patrolling metropolitan Detroit Friday when it was hit with laser bursts from a green laser on the ground. Using its infrared cameras, the State Police personnel on board were able to detect where the laser was coming from almost immediately.

They concentrated their efforts, and soon narrowed it down to a pedestrian who was walking his dog along a Detroit street. Within minutes, that man was surrounded and picked up by Detroit City Police for flashing the chopper.

If you don't know, flashing laser lights at ANY aircraft is illegal (in fact, it's a felony), but flashing an obvious law enforcement aircraft is just plain stupid.

This man will not be winning any wards for his brilliance any time soon.

It Was A Busy Night For The Trooper Two Chopper Friday

Trooper 2 was also involved in apprehending a vehicle fleeing the scene of a traffic stop later that evening. So it was a busy night for the State Police chopper Friday.

And the next afternoon, the MSP second District took to Twitter to cheer on the Army football team. Whoa! Why Army and not Navy? Are there no Navy veterans in the Second District?

Armey eventually won the annual military tussle, 20-17 in double overtime.

No official word on that yet.

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