This year commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. One constant, through those 100 years, has been deer management. In fact, deer management in Michigan preceded the creation of today's DNR.

In honor of the DNR's anniversary, let's take a look at something you don't see everyday...a deer playing in the water of Lake Superior.

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Last year was challenging for U.P. deer hunters, with overall harvest down nearly 6%.  The 2020 U.P. winter was far milder than normal, which was a welcome respite for the deer population. Population trends seem to be on the upswing this year for the U.P.  
Whitetail Deer
Sammyb814 would have had a nice shot, however it's not quite firearm season. Firearm season begins on November 15. It appears this TikToker was just excited to be witness to this event. 
White-Tailed Deer Buck
Sammyb814 commented,
"It was playing...I watched it after I quit recording and it kept going out and enjoyed being pushed back in."
Pattitennent added,
"I lived along the Washington coast & old-timers said deer go into salt water to kill their fleas. They also can go out and drown."
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
I like that Pattitennent used the word "old-timers". But you're probably thinking the same thing as every other Michigander....Saltwater?
Leslie posted,
"Reincarnated surfer. I wonder if the salt water helps lower the flea and tick count on her?"
Sammyb814 was quick to correct,
"Not so fast! Lake Superior is considered to be an inland sea, not salt water, but still considered an inland sea, and yeah, looks like ocean waves."
Photo by Divide By Zero on Unsplash
Photo by Divide By Zero on Unsplash
No matter why the deer was swimming, it was a neat thing to catch on video. Maybe next time a moose will wonder by. Happy Birthday Michigan DNR. Here are some tips for a successful hunting season from the DNR. 

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