I'm old enough to remember when ATMs first dispensed cash at all hours of the day. It seemed like a small miracle at the time. Now we have the exact opposite.

The Concessions Are Cashless, But What If You Only Have Cash?

Like many sporting venues these days, LMCU Ball Park has become totally cashless this season, meaning only debit cards and credit cards will be accepted.

But what if you only have cash?

Not to worry! The ball park has a 'cashless kiosk' which will do the opposite of an ATM. You put in cash, and it spits out a plastic card with 'cashless' money loaded onto it.

We have now done a full 360. Does this mean the end of cash? Probably.

But being someone who can remember the invention of the ATM, the turn around here is IN MY LIFETIME!

Is It Just Me Or Does This Guy Look Like Jonah Hill?

Here's a video explaining how to use the machine by a guy who kind of looks like Jonah Hill.

NOTE: I've been told these machines have been around for a while, but this was my first encounter with one. Apparently they are fairly common in Laundromats. My Laundromat is still coin operated.

From One Invention To Another, The Turn Around Was Less Than Fifty Years

I can still remember when my friend Johnny became the first in our group of friends to get an ATM card. He could drive up to the bank and get cash anytime of day. Even at two in the morning! This was amazing to us, because prior to getting an ATM card, you had to go to the bank during bankers hours (9-5) and take out the amount of cash you thought would get you through the week. As young men in our twenties, we could never get that figure right.

To see it turn in the other direction is kind of disconcerting, but life marches on. Random plastic cards with no idea where they're from is part of my future, I guess.



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