The former Lions quarterback was mic'ed up for reunion with the Lions on Sunday, and he shared a little human moment with his ex-teammates.

Stafford's trade to the the Los Angeles Rams did not sit well with a lot of Lions fans, who felt the team never really surrounded him with the right talent.

Well, he has the right talent with the Rams, as they are off to a blistering 6-1 start on the young season, and Stafford has been nothing short of amazing.

During a time out in Sunday's game, several of the younger players talked to Stafford on the field, and since Stafford was on mic'ed up for NFL Films, the discussion was caught on camera.

In it, a Lions player compliments Stafford for looking so young ("I feel like I'm 50," Matthew bantered back), and he, in turn, compliments their strong effort in the game.

And then, as a parting gift, he tells the team, "I'm pulling for you guys, big time."

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Nothing new here, Matthew was always a class act during his time with the Lions.

But that didn't stop several disgruntled Lions fans from commenting poorly on the posted video, which has since gone viral.

MJ weighed in with, "Dude lost every big game he had as a Lion. He had a chance to make a difference and he failed."

While Michael weighed in with, "Stafford’s record against teams over .500 as. Lion was abysmal. I can’t remember the actual number but it was real bad, something like 7-52. It was bad bad bad."

It's sad, but expected now a days for a little moment of humanity to be blistered with negativity.

Overall, most fans enjoyed the exchange, with most Lions blissfully remembering a better time, when Matthew was OUR quarterback.

The entire episode of Stafford encountering his old team will be featured on this week's episode of 'Inside The NFL' on Paramount Plus.


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