The weather has been quickly fluctuating between spring and winter temperatures the last several weeks and this has prematurely awoken many of our annoying friends.  The brown marmorated stink bug is a recent addition to bugs found in Michigan, arriving from Asia around 2010.

We have good news and bad news about our stinky little friends.  First the bad news...  Many of the brown marmorated stink bug have woken up prematurely and are going to be seeking warmth as the temperature drops this week.  The bugs will use anything they can as entry points into your home:  this can include gaps around doors, windows, air conditioner units, or gaps in shingles and siding.

Now the good news!  There is no need to fear these little guys.  The only thing that is bad about them is their smell if they get squished.  These things stink, but they won't destroy your clothes, furniture, or anything else in your home.  So besides being big, clumsy, and pretty foul smelling, these bugs won't cause any harm to anyone or anything you hold dear.

If you want to get rid of the stink bugs, you are wise to avoid squishing them, because that is the easiest way to release their stank.  Drowning them in soapy water is the way to go if you want to avoid the smell.  You can make a quick trap by putting a dish full of soapy water below a bright light.  Leave the light on overnight and the clumsy stink bugs will fly into the light and fall into the soapy water below.  The other option for removing stink bugs is just to vacuum them up!  Although, this could result in some stink if they get squished in the process!

You can get even more information on the brown marmorated stink bug thanks to this awesome information sheet that Michigan State University provides on their website.

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