Beware of people or alleged companies offering COVID-19 vaccines on social media and online.

I know you have been to a concert and either before the show or after the show some guy walks up with a t-shirt that looks legit but its only $10 and you know it's a counterfeit.

With the rollout of the vaccines being slower than originally planned, I knew with all the dirtbags that are out there around the world fake or counterfeit vaccines would start popping up.

As we have seen from the Capitol riots, its not to hard to trick people into believing so pretty crazy stuff, just imagine how easy it will be to trick the vulnerable into believing they can get their own cheap vaccine sent right to their home.

One thing to know for sure is, the only safe way to get vaccinated is from professional healthcare workers. It is no secret which hospitals and pharmacies that are vaccinating people safely. The government has only released vaccines to hospitals and pharmacies that are major brands in every community. There are no shortcuts on getting a safe legit vaccination.

According to WOOD, Baja California health official are warning residents in cities like Tijuana to beware of postings on social media advertising COVID-19 vaccines for sale. These are fake.

This is going to catch on worldwide with almost every country in the world already putting out warnings. This problem will continue to grow. Plus who knows what is really in these fake vaccines anyway, it could be poison for all we know. There are a lot of bad people in this country and around the world who just don't care about human life and only care about a quick buck.

Anyone can print a fake label using the Pfizer or Moderna logos and any of us can buy the viles to fill and label off the internet. Anyone can package and ship out to anywhere in the world. Just look at all the fake newscast that are put on social media that look like real news and its just bunk propaganda and conspiracy theories. Remember if its too good to be true...well it probably isn't.

If you see any activity on social media or the internet of people offering to sell COVID-19 vaccines, turn them into the authorities because they are fake.

Real COVID-19 vaccines are distributed by the government and are only administered by healthcare officials and pharmacies from major store chains plus mass vaccination sites at stadiums around the country. Anything else is fake and dangerous. Don't take the risk.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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