Honestly, not since Tina Fey brought life to Sarah Palin has SNL (Saturday Night Live) had so many laughing on both side of the aisle.

SNL introduced to viewers Michigans' own Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in a new skit Saturday night as part of their new at home show.

Cast member Cecily Strong donned a brunette wig and portrayed Whitmer standing on her deck with a Labatt Blue beer hand, and took on addressing the struggles in Michigan during the COVID-19 pandemic with some humor.

SNL's "Whitmer" acknowledged that many Americans may not have heard of her until  lately, but right now 'Governors are kinda having a moment".

The three-minute bit on SNL did not air during the show because it was cut for time, but was released online and is going viral. Fan or not of Whimer, that sketch may be a much needed laugh.

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