The amazing thing about this footage is that no one was hurt.

Another trucker caught this video of a tanker truck crashing and almost instantly exploding on I-75 near Detroit. The Monday afternoon wreck shut down the freeway for hours until structural engineers could clear it for traffic again.

Watching this is scary for a number of reasons, first of which is how fast it went down. I'm not sure if the driver fell asleep or had some sort of medical issue, but he slid off to the barrier pretty quickly, and it was some quick thinking by the car trailing him to slow down and stay away, probably because they knew what was coming next.

Second, that the driver got away from this with only minor injuries. The flames shot up pretty quickly after impact, which meant that the safety protocols built into that truck to keep the flame away from the cab worked.

The accident occurred on Northbound I-75 near Troy. According to Troy Police:

At 1:15 pm, Troy Police & Fire Dispatch was advised of a tanker truck that struck the center median wall of northbound I-75 near the Big Beaver Road overpass. The tanker truck immediately caught fire after striking the concrete barrier. The driver of the tanker truck, a 46-year-old male from Saint Clair, MI was able to escape the truck cab. Alliance EMS and Troy Police arrived on the scene to render aid and investigate. The truck driver was transported to Detroit Medical Center with minor injuries. No other vehicles were involved in the traffic crash. No other injuries were reported.

Over 14,000 gallons of gasoline were onboard the tanker when it crashed. It took two hours to burn it all off.

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