UM Freshman Ziyah Holman doesn't give up easily, and now she's an internet hero for her stunning never-say-die win.

25 meters behind when handed the baton for the final leg of her relay, Holman stunned her teammates and the internet when she caught up to her two opponents and defeated them despite a huge deficit.

The video became viral quickly with the message being "Never give up!"

Holman was participating in her first ever race for the Wolverines, so that's quite a way to make an impact, especially since one of the other runners she chased down was from Ohio State.

Holman made up a 25 meter, four second deficit by clocking a blazing 51.79 split an her final leg. Minutes earlier, Holman had kicked off her Michigan career with a win in the 600 meter race.

To put that time in perspective, the qualifying time for the finals at the 2016 US Olympic Trials for the 400 meter run was 51.8.

“Just go test them, honestly,” Holman told Michigan Daily. “Just go get them, see how far you can get. As the race keeps going, you see yourself getting closer. Like oh my god, I’m actually getting closer. Why would I try so hard and not try to win?”

Holman is from Hyattsville, MD. Her previous best time in the 400 was 52.12 seconds.

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