A West Michigan family was caught on police body camera footage escaping to their car following the explosion of an RV in downtown Nashville, Tenn. on Christmas morning.

FOX-17 reports that Grand Rapids resident Buddy Gainey, his wife, and his two daughters were sleeping in a rented condo in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning. Gainey, Michelle (his wife), and their youngest daughter, Quincy, were in town visiting their oldest daughter, Cayman, for Christmas.

While the Gainey family slept in the condo, an RV parked in front of the AT&T facility in downtown Nashville played a message warning people to evacuate. That message did not wake the family.

The family was awoken by the sound of smoke alarms just after 6:30 a.m.

Gainey told FOX-17,

I'm thinking like that must be an earthquake. When we came out of our condo and headed to the front... all those doors were gone, obliterated.

Gainey was captured on police body cam footage carrying his wife (who had left the room so quickly that she hadn't even put shoes on.) In the video, an officer asks them where there car is and told hem to go to it when they pointed it out to her.

Gainey told FOX-17 that they then tried to get out of downtown as quickly as they could. He says that the family is fine physically, but not emotionally:

Certainly loud noises kind of startle you and just replaying the scene in your mind over and over. And I think we're probably suffering from some PTSD, and need to get some counseling for some of that.

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