When temperatures drop, snow falls, and it is pitch black at 6 p.m., it’s best to avoid being sucked into the winter blahs.

Never fear, there are great ideas floated by Bustle to get you through!

  • Write a hate letter to winter. You’ve seen the viral letters, now pen your own. (Dear Winter, You Suck! Go Away!)
  • Pile under the covers and take naps. We aren’t bears, but hibernation is a cool thing. Think about how nice it is to be all toasty warm as you drift into sleep and avoid facing the cold. Oh, to be a bear. (And you can always binge watch Netflix while under those covers. I would recommend 'Making A Muderer', but that will only send you further nito depression)
  • When the weather keeps you inside, journey somewhere courtesy of your favorite authors. (Or crank some of your favorite tunes on the stereo, that never fails to make me feel better)
  • Plan a trip. There is nothing that makes you feel happy more than thinking about a tropical getaway while winds whip and temperatures dip outside.
  • Rearrange your furniture. You’re stuck inside so take the time to reinvent your space. Making it feel new will give you a temporary boost.
  • Buy a lottery ticket. Hey, with the possibility of being a billionaire, you can dream for hours on how to spend it!

Here's a song from Don McLean about surviving the winter blues.



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