Lucy and Colette from the 'We Do Care' Charity were in this morning to discuss this weekend's fund raiser. Go and be a part of the great things they do in our community!

'We Do Care' is a non-profit charity that Lucy set up with her husband, Bob Olson, 34 years ago to help families at places around town like the DeVos Childrens Hospital and Mary Free Bed.

The fund helps buy things that insurance won't cover like iPads and small toys that help distract children diagnosed with cancer during serious medical procedures. They also have a fund to help families deal with incidental expenses like added parking costs and hotel stays.

So how can YOU help?

By attending their annual benefit and dance this Saturday March 2 at the Lincoln Country Club, 3485 Lake Michigan Drive in Standale.

It's just $10 a person, with all the proceeds going to We Do Care, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with cancer in West Michigan.

In addition to dancing with the band Moon Shot, there will be raffles with amazing prizes, a cash bar, and a 50/50 raffle

The We Do Care Benefit and Dance Saturday, March 2nd. Come out and help put smiles on the faces of local West Michigan children. 21 and up please.

Here's a little bit more about We Do Care, courtesy of our media partners, FOX 17.

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