If you're planning to do some spring cleaning and want to recycle odd electronics or drop off a batch of recycling, you're going to want to get on that in the next week or so.

It was announced today that the Kent County Department of Public Works announced they'd be temporarily closing the Wealthy Street Recycling and Electronics drop-off station from 5 pm March 26th through the fall.

The announced closure will NOT affect residential recycling which is picked up curbside at your house and then taken to the recycling drop-off center by commercial recycling haulers.

The reason for the closure at the facility is because they're actually starting construction on their new admin building for the Kent County Department of Public Works, which is being built on the same property.

“We understand this temporary closure may present an inconvenience for some residents using the drop-off station,” said Dar Baas, Kent County DPW director. “We continue to work to improve access to recycling for Kent County residents without curbside recycling where they live.”

During the closure, the Kent County DWP suggests that if you're affected, call and inquire about prices with your local trash hauler for recycling.

They also have a list of "alternative recycling options" that you can use during the closure.

If you have electronics that need to be recycled, you can still do that safely during the closure of the Wealthy Street facility by taking the electronics to a local recycling partner.

from their press release,

Valley City Electronics Recycling works closely with Kent County DPW for electronic recycling and is offering residents the option to drop-off their electronics Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm at its location on 32nd Street in Kentwood.



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