In addition to all the schools that closed Monday due to the snow storm and cold temps, WZZM13 is reporting that Spectrum Health is closing all of their physician’s offices and outpatient rehabilitation facilities.

This isn’t as scary as it sounds; all the hospital services will still be available, urgent care and some walk-in clinics will still be open and they’ll still be doing surgeries.

Still confused?  WZZM posted these physician offices closed for Monday:

  • Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Walk-in Clinic – Newaygo (Convenient Care)

  • Spectrum Health United Hospital Walk-in Clinic – Greenville (Convenient Care)

  • Spectrum Health Pennock Walk-in Clinic – Ionia (Convenient Care)

  • Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital Walk-in Clinic – Reed City (Convenient Care)

  • Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital Walk-in Clinic – Big Rapids

  • Spectrum Health Walk-in Clinic – Caledonia

WZZM13 also says call ahead if you have classes or programs you normally attend as they may be canceled this week because of the weather.

By the way, according to WZZM13, these walk-in clinics will still be open throughout the storm:

  • Spectrum Health Walk-in Clinic – 426 Michigan Street

  • Spectrum Health Walk-in Clinic – Hudsonville

  • Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Walk-in Clinic Fremont (Convenient Care)

  • Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital Walk-in Clinic Ludington (Convenient Care)

If you need more info, the Spectrum Health website has all the answers.

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