It's quite clear that the debate on legal marijuana is causing quite a stir, and it will no doubt be interesting to see what the end result is in the state of Michigan when its' put on the ballot next month for full legalization. One man, Cody Graham, in Alpena, Michigan is going viral for a sign he held over the weekend stating, "Only In Alpena Do You Get More Time For Marijuana Than You Do For Rape."

I'm personally not 100% what case or cases he was alluding to, but I do know this is a major issue in the country. My personal feelings are that, any substance can be abused and can lead to other people getting hurt when poor decision making comes into play. However, medical marijuana is vital to those with Fibromyalgia, Cancer Patients, HIV Patients, MS, and other people who don't want to consume a bunch of pills, and actually does more for them than the pills ever could. I personally feel its' time the state and country give this a shot, and help end this stigma that marijuana is a gateway drug.



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