A new crime trend that's been making its way across the country has finally hit Michigan. Are you prepared for crooks serving you?

Recently, I've noticed a spate of stories about criminals in other states dressing up as employees of a business, pretending to work there, and then stealing stuff from either the business or customers.

It began at a bunch of Wal Mart stores in the South, with crooks helping customers, and then walking out with big ticket items.

It then switched over to restaurants, with this guy showing up at a Waffle House, waiting tables, and then absconding with cash.

And now the, 'Hey, I'm not a crook, I work here!' trend has hit Michigan.

A Subway restaurant in Traverse City was robbed by a man who went behind the counter, made his own sandwich, and then rang up several customers orders before fleeing with $20 in cash and a sandwich.

Oddly enough, the TC incident happened in a Wal Mart. Go figure.

Anyway, be on the lookout for criminals with a helpful smile, and a hand in the till.


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