I kind of feel like a lover who let the love of his life slip away, only to see her happy with a new beau. In a way, you're happy for them, but also a little sad for yourself.

I think most Tiger fans loved Justin Verlander for his outgoing personality and his love of all things Michigan, not the least of which is his fiancee, Kate Upton, whose family hails from St. Joe. He had a happy go lucky attitude and always had a good quip for the press.

FYI -- Word is that Upton and Verlander will tie the knot shortly during an Italian vacation.

But to see him declare his love for a new city and new teammates hurts, I'm not going to lie to you. So here's to you, JV! Drink up and enjoy your moment of glory.

And as a Tiger fan, I'll take solace in knowing that this very same Astro team was worse than the Tigers just three scant years ago.

Hurry spring!

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